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Todd Krause Masterbuilt 1956 Strat lands in Australia.

Posted on Nov 15, 2013.

Calling Todd Krause the "Builder to the Stars" would be a vast understatement. He maintains and builds guitars for Fender signature artists Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Stu Hamm and Roscoe Beck. Further, he has built custom instruments for Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Bob Dylan, Roger Waters and Gene Simmons, to name only a few.

And now you can add your own name to that list, with this Todd Krause Masterbuilt 1956 Strat Relic, a perfect example of the best vintage guitar you could ever hope to find.

The lightweight alder body has been carefully matched to a plain grain maple neck, and finished in thin black lacquer with a white undercoat for unbelievable resonance.

That full-bodied tone is captured via a set of custom shielded '56 Strat pickups in a fully shielded cavity, while a 5-way switch has been installed for convenience.

For those that like the feel of a vintage guitar, the neck is a large "V" shape, with 7.5" radius fingerboard and vintage frets, and the worn neck edges and finish make it feel instantly comfortable.

We could talk about the specs of this guitar all day, but no matter how it might sound on paper, a masterbuilt guitar is something that needs to be played to be fully appreciated! Guitars this good don't come along every day, and there is currently one only available in Australia.

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